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Who helped Lewis and Clark on their expedition?
a) Pocahontas
b) Little John
c) Sacagewea
d) Squanto

Where did Lewis and Clark's expedition end before it turned around to come home?
a) St. Louis
b) Washington D.C.
c) the Pacific coast
d) Asia

Why was the Louisiana Purchase important?
a) it started the Revolutionary War
b) it almost doubled the size of the U.S.
c) the U.S. made 15 million dollars off of it
d) it pushed all European nations out of the U.S.

Which library was created out of Thomas Jefferson's book collection?
a) the Library of Congress
b) the Greatest Library of World Records
c) The Library of Alexandria
d) the Smithsonian Library

What is an embargo?
a) stopping trade with other nations
b) being kidnapped
c) false imprisonment
d) a military protest

What was the Northwest Passage that Jefferson thought Lewis and Clark may find?
a) a waterway leading to Canada
b) a quick route to Florida
c) a waterway connecting both ends of the U.S.
d) a secret hiding place for future U.S. Presidents

Along which river did Lewis and Clark travel most of their journey?
a) the Monongahala
b) the Ohio
c) the Missouri
d) the Misssissippi

Who did the U.S. fight in the War of 1812
a) the French
b) the Spanish
c) the Germans
d) the British

Whose curse says that all U.S. Presidents elected in a year ending in 0 would die in office?
a) Sacagewea's
b) Chief Red Foot's
c) Tecumseh's
d) Seneca's

Which group in Congress wanted to go to war with Britain in the years leading up to 1812?
a) White Doves
b) War Hawks
c) Green Turtles
d) War Mongols

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