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Which two countries' fighting in Europe impacted American foreign policy in the late 17 and early 1800's?
a) Spain and Germany
b) Russia and Bulgaria
c) France and England
d) Italy and Greece

Foreign policy is
a) how a country deals with its people
b) how a country deals with its economy
c) how a country deals with other nations
d) how a country makes money

Washington moved the nation's capital from Philadelphia to ______?
a) D.C.
b) Pittsburgh
c) NYC
d) Deleware

The elastic clause of the Constitution allows
a) new people to become citizens
b) the interpretation of the constitution to change with changing times
c) states to have more power than the federal government
d) Presidents to serve an unlimited number of terms

A person who favors a narrow view of the Constitution is called a
a) strict constructionist
b) tory
c) whig
d) loose constructionist

a person who thinks the Constitution is open for interpretation is called a
a) strict constructionist
b) tory
c) whig
d) loose constructionist

Who was the 3rd President of the U.S.?
a) Aaron Burr
b) James Madison
c) Benjamin Franklin
d) Thomas Jefferson

Which of the following was NOT something that occurred during Jefferson's terms as President?
a) the American Revolution
b) the Louisiana Purchase
c) the Lewis and Clark Expedition
d) The Embargo Act of 1807

Who did the U.S. buy the Louisiana Territory from?
a) Alexander the Great of Greece
b) King George of England
c) Napoleon of France
d) Peter the Great of Russia

What was the name of Jefferson's estate?
a) Monticello
b) Mt. vernon
c) Louisiana
d) Athens

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