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The group of people who advise the President are called?
a) the cabinet
b) the prinicpals
c) the chairmen
d) the court

Which of the following happened in Western PA?
a) The Louisiana Purchase
b) The Battle of Tippecanoe
c) The Whiskey Rebellion
d) Shay's Rebellion

Which European country had a radical revolution shortly after the Americans had theirs?
a) Britain
b) France
c) Germany
d) Sweden

What was the name of George Washington's estate?
a) Mt. Vernon
b) Monticello
c) Mt. Kilimanjaro
d) Mt. Everest

During which major war did George Washington's military career begin?
a) The Revolutionary War
b) the War of 1812
c) The French and Indian War
d) the War on Terror

During Washington's Presidency, he dealt with fighting Indians and Europeans in which part of the present U.S.?
a) the Caribbean
b) Newfoundland
c) the Northwest Territory
d) the Oregon Trail

Which of the following was one of the nation's first political parties?
a) the Democrats
b) the Republicans
c) the Democratic Republicans
d) the Cavaliers

Native Americans lost territory in present-day Ohio and Indiana as a result of which battle?
a) The Battle of Tecumseh
b) the Battle of Waterloo
c) the Battle of the Bulge
d) The Battle of Fallen Timbers

The first Vice President and second President of the U.S. was?
a) Alexander Hamilton
b) John Adams
c) Thomas Jefferson
d) Roger Walker

Which act passed by the Adams administration was thought by many to be a violation of the Constitution?
a) the Alien and Sedition Acts
b) the Stamp Act
c) the Tolerable Acts
d) the Act of Contrition

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