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Should you ever give a passowrd out?
a) only to your parents
b) yes
c) no

What are the Three catagories of objectionalbe materials
a) Math, science, art
b) Texting , tweeting posting selfies
c) pornographic, racist gambiling illigal activity, inaccurate

what are some computer helth ?
a) Lower back pain
b) carpel tunnel syndrome
c) tendintis
d) all the above

Snag it was an effective way for students to interact with understanding ne websites?
a) true
b) False

which of the following dosent help the teacher with having an email for the students?
a) let the students know about up comming events and keeping them informed
b) letting them be able to email the teacher about questions they have foe the class
c) asking if they had a great weekend
d) getting assingments and late work if they were to miss a class

Would having a Classrom calander be effect for schedualing?
a) Yes
b) No

What are poor uses of techology in the classroom
a) Hacking
b) Accesing site that are not alowwed
c) Using classroom time for personal time
d) All the above

what are some ways to have Efective schedualing you must?
a) Have all lesson plans, planed out ahead of time
b) Talk to other teacher to find openings in the computer labs
c) Have all tests printed and homework ready to go
d) All of the above

What is Efffective Technology scheduling?
a) Waiting the day of to get a spot in the computer lab
b) Looking ahead of schedual and finding open sopts for things needing to get done
c) Waiting till the meeting is done to have your meeting
d) Trying to make up lesson plans as the day goes on.

audacity was a grat tool for kids learning how to read
a) true
b) false

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