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Industrial Revolution.[print questions]

What invention increased the slave trade and the amount of cotton planted?
a) cotton gin
b) mechanical reaper
c) steel plow
d) interchangeable parts

What invention opened the West up to settlement by providing safe transportation?
a) Steamboat
b) Railroad
c) Steel Plow
d) Horse and Buggy

Which invention made communication faster and easier?
a) Erie Canal
b) Railroads
c) Telegraph
d) Steamboat

What did the Erie Canal connect?
a) The Atlantic to the Pacific Ocean
b) The Mississippi River to the Gulf of Mexico
c) The New England Colonies to the Middle Colonies
d) Great Lakes to New York

What event resulted in the United States starting an Industrial Revolution?
a) The American Revolution
b) The French and Indian War
c) The Civil War
d) The War of 1812

Who invented the cotton gin and interchangeable parts?
a) Eli Whitney
b) John Deer
c) Cyrus McCormick
d) Benjamin Franklin

All of the following statements are true about the Industrial Revolution except.
a) Goods were made faster and cheaper
b) Women were finally given the right to vote
c) Women were hired into the factories for the first time.
d) Cities grew up around the factories

Who invented the Steamboat?
a) Eli Whitney
b) John Deer
c) Robert Fulton
d) Samuel Morris

Why was the War of 1812 responsible for the start of the Industrial Revolution?
a) We were fighting with our number one trade partner (England)
b) Spain and France were fighting each other and would not trade with the U.S.
c) Thomas Jefferson would not let our trade ships leave the harbors
d) The government passed a law that said we could no longer buy foreign goods

How did most factories get their electricity?
a) from the sun
b) from a large wheel pulled by horses
c) from a generator
d) from fast moving rivers

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