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What does Allah mean?
a) God
b) Praise
c) Thanksgiving
d) Peace

Why did Jahan ask Greg for money?
a) She wanted to get medical training.
b) She needed to feed her family.
c) She needed money to take a plane to the United States.
d) She was in debt to the Taliban.

Greg told Congress terrorism is caused because..
a) Children aren't educated and offered a bright future.
b) Countries are poorer than America.
c) Groups of people hate Americans.
d) The Taliban is very large.

What did Haji Ali tell Greg to do if he ever died?
a) Listen to the Wind.
b) Return to the United States immediately.
c) Take care of Twaha and his family.
d) Find Sakina and take care of her.

Why was Haji Ali not able to meet Greg on the high point of the bridge during a visit?
a) He had died.
b) He was kidnapped.
c) He was afraid after September 11th.
d) He had become lost.

In September, Greg traveled to India and found that someone he admired had died. Who?
a) Mother Teresa
b) Haji Ali
c) Nelson Mandela
d) Tara

Why did Greg feel like he was with Christa when he spent time with the children of Korphe?
a) They struggled for everything in life just as Christa had.
b) They laughed and played just as Christa did as a little girl.
c) They had the same dark hair and brown eyes as Christa had.
d) They were innocent like Christa.

Name Greg's charitable organization other than Pennies for Peace.
a) Central Asia Institute
b) Cups of Tea Worldwide
c) The World's Children Fund
d) Educating Girls Worldwide

When Greg was three months old, his family moved to...
a) Africa
b) Iraq
c) Pakistan
d) China

Who put the last piece of wood on the first bridge?
a) Haji Ali
b) Greg
c) Hussein
d) Parvi

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