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Which word processing tool allows you to look up synonyms (words with similar meanings)?
a) thesaurus
b) dictionary
c) spellcheck
d) grammar check

What is created when two or more computers are connected and are able to connect through physical mediums such as telephone lines or the Internet?
a) a network
b) information processing
c) communications
d) clients

In a database, how would you organize thousands of video game titles by alphabetical order?
a) sort by fieldname
b) sort by record
c) sort by cell
d) sort by row

What would be the best application to use when keeping track of an inventory that contains thousands of movie titles and information on each movie?
a) database
b) spreadsheet
c) word processing
d) presentation

What would be the best program to use when creating a personal budget?
a) spreadsheet
b) database
c) word processor
d) presentation

Identify the correct type of file extension for a web page.
a) .html
b) .docx
c) .xls
d) .ppt

What is a self-contained computer that can perform its on input, processing, output, and storage called?
a) personal computer
b) digital chip
c) dual-purpose processor
d) external hard drive

What do you call any additional device that attaches to the computer?
a) peripherals
b) accessories
c) outputs
d) storage devices

What is computer software?
a) the programming language that gives the computer directions
b) all of the physical components of a computer
c) all of a computer's input devices
d) all of a computer's output devices

Which of the following are input devices?
a) keyboard, microphone, and mouse
b) monitor, speakers, and printer
c) scanner, printer, and speakers
d) mouse, flash drive, and monitor

What is the smallest unit of data a computer can process?
a) a bit
b) a byte
c) a megabyte
d) a kilobyte

Which of the following are portable storage devices?
a) All of the above
b) flash drive
c) external hard drive
d) thumb drive

What does hardware refer to?
a) the physical components of a computer
b) the computer's programming language
c) all of the computer's input devices
d) all of the computer's output devices

After information is entered into a database, what useful output can be created?
a) forms
b) graphs
c) presentations
d) animations

In a database created to keep track of school attendance, each individual student's attendance information would be called a...
a) record
b) field
c) entry
d) query

Which program allows you to sort, query, or create forms from information?
a) Database
b) Spreadsheet
c) Word Processor
d) Web Page

When looking at a graph, which section identifies each element of graphed data using color coding?
a) legend
b) category
c) axis
d) series

Identify which of the following are image file extensions.
a) .jpg or .png
b) .dbf or .xls
c) .doc or .rtf
d) .mp4 or .gif

When evaluating the content of a website, what should you do?
a) Find out who hosts the site, and look for reputable sponsors associated with the site's content
b) Check to see when the last time the site was published
c) Email the author to ask for his/her credentials
d) Look to see if the site is a top search result on Google

Which type of program is best suited for designing posters, invitations, or flyers?
a) Desktop Publishing
b) Spreadsheet
c) Computer Programming
d) PowerPoint

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