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The Zimmermann note involved a proposed secret agreement between
a) Germany and Mexico
b) Britain and France
c) Russia and Germany
d) Mexico and France

Civil Rights Act of 1964 eliminated
a) Discrimination by employers
b) Unfair lending practices by the banks
c) unequal representation in local legislatures
d) inadequate medical services in urban areas

Voting Rights Act of 1965 eliminated
a) literacy tests as prerequisites for voting
b) barriers to voting for women
c) proof of residency as a condition for voting
d) age discrimination in state voting laws

Supreme Court case that upheld ruling “Separate but Equal”
a) Plessy v Ferguson
b) Brown v Board of Education
c) Roe v Wade
d) Miranda v Arizona

Supreme Court case that desegregated schools
a) Brown v Board of Education
b) Roe v Wade
c) Miranda v Arizona
d) Plessy v Ferguson

Supreme Court case that rule for women to have the choice on abortion
a) Roe v Wade
b) Miranda v Arizona
c) Plessy v Ferguson
d) Brown v Board of Education

Supreme Court case that ruled when arrested you have to be read your rights
a) Miranda v Arizona
b) Plessy v Ferguson
c) Brown v Board of Education
d) Roe v Wade

Sixteenth Amendment
a) Income Tax
b) direct election of senators
c) prohibition
d) woman suffrage

Seventeenth Amendment
a) direct election of senators
b) prohibition
c) woman suffrage
d) income tax

Eighteenth Amendment
a) prohibition
b) woman suffrage
c) personal income tax
d) direct election of senators

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