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As a river slows down, the sediment that will be deposited first is
a) clay
b) silt
c) sand
d) pebbles

caves are found in
a) karst regions
b) coastal plain
c) mountains
d) zone of saturation

most of the drinking water for Chesapeake comes from
a) rivers
b) aquifers
c) ocean
d) lake

Glacial deposits are
a) sorted
b) large
c) unsorted
d) small

The carrying capacity of a river depends on
a) the meanders of the river
b) the stage of development
c) the velocity and volume of the river
d) the slope of the river

a rivers suspended load usually contains
a) silt and clay
b) dissolved particles
c) gravel, pebbles
d) organic matter

which river stage would carry the largest load
a) birth
b) young
c) mature
d) old

the level of water in a well depends on
a) the number of trees in the area
b) the slope of the land
c) the amount of rainfall
d) the thickness of the soil

which of the following processes are not included in erosion
a) weathering
b) removal
c) transportation
d) deposition

Caves and caverns are formed by
a) physical weathering
b) chemical weathering
c) erosion
d) mechanical weathering

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