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In Thoreau's view, the practical reason the majority rules in a democracy is that the
a) system satisfies most people
b) majority opinion is always the right opinion
c) majority has more physical power on its side

What does Thoreau ask for instead of no government?
a) an end to all taxes
b) increased trade and commerce
c) a better government at once

What is a paradox?
a) a reference to a well-known place
b) a statement that appears self-contrary but reveal a truth
c) the repetition a initial consonant sounds in several words in a sentence

According to Emerson, how do we feel after we have worked hard for a goal?
a) angry and cheated
b) relieved and happy
c) annoyed and tired

-hobglobin of little minds
a) Society
b) Consistency
c) Cowadice

What is the movement that furthered American education,self-improvement and cultural development?
a) Romanticism
b) Lyceum
c) Rationalism

The Dark Romanitcs explored
a) The reasons for the decay of European society and growth of American society
b) the civilization of the Goths
c) the psychological effects of sin and guilt and good and evil

How does he escape in the Pit and the Pedulum?
a) screams and screams and someone saves him
b) saits until the pendulum cuts the bonds and quickly rolls out of the way
c) smears meat on the bonds that hold him and the rats chew through them

A symbol is
a) a person, place, thing, or event that has meaning in itself and also stands for something beyond itself
b) a speech one character speaks on stage
c) words that appeal to the five senses

The pit in which the prisoner is kept can be read to symbolize
a) salvation
b) hell
c) hope

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