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A logical answer is...
a) making a guess.
b) a choice that makes sense.
c) a choice that seems right, but I didn't go back and look in the passage.
d) a choice that doesn't make sense.

I need to read the selections ______.
a) fast
b) without understanding what I read
c) carefully and reread if I need to
d) I don't need to read the selections, I can just look for the answers.

When I think I am done, I should ______.
a) raise my hand so my teacher can collect it
b) check my work
c) start reading
d) eat my snack

I can eat my snack anytime ______ the test.
a) after
b) before
c) during

A strategy used to check that all of my questions are answered and I bubbled correctly is ______.
a) the one-finger check
b) the two-finger check
c) the two-handed check
d) I don't need to check over my work

I can take a short break between each passage I read.
a) True
b) False

I will show my strategies by ______.
a) underlining where I found my answer
b) labeling the question number where I underlined
c) circling/underlining important information
d) all of these are ways to show my strategies

I need to ______ my cell phone during testing days.
a) turn off
b) talk on
c) text on
d) search the internet on

Should I finish the test in 1 hour or less?
a) No
b) Yes

I can do well on the STAAR test if I...
a) stay focused
b) use all strategies
c) review my work
d) all of the answers are correct

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