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Chalk formed from sediments made of skeletons of microscopic living things in the ocean must be a (n)
a) Clastic rock
b) Organic rock
c) Chemical rock
d) Igneous rock

Heat and pressure deep beneath the Earth\'s surface can change any rock into
a) Chemical rock
b) Sedimentary rock
c) Metamorphic rock
d) Gemstones

Which assumption must scientists make about the rock cycle?
a) Rocks in ancient times weathered, eroded and deposited as they do today
b) Igneous rocks form in volcanoes and then erode to form metamorphic rocks
c) Metamorphic rocks cannot change into other rocks because they are already changed
d) Rocks are formed in Earth\'s center and rise to the crust to form the soil

True or False Once a rocks changes into another rock it cannot change again.
a) True
b) False

A naturally occuring mixture of minerals, mineraloids, glass or organic matter is called
a) Rocks
b) Minerals
c) Trees
d) Fossils

What kind of substances the rocks are made of is called what?
a) Makeup
b) Composition
c) Hardness
d) Origin

Rocks made from lava above ground are called
a) Intrusive rocks
b) Extrusive rocks

Rocks made from magma below ground are called
a) Intrusive rocks
b) Extrusive rock

Rocks are classified according to their _______________ and composition.
a) Minerals
b) Fossils
c) Origin
d) None

Which rocks are called the fossil carrying rocks?
a) Igneous
b) Metamorphic
c) Sedimentary

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