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Early S.C. + U.S. Government.[print questions]

What type of farmer only grew enough for their family?
a) Plantation farmer
b) Tenant farmer
c) Subsistence farmer
d) Sharecropping farmer

How were slaves going to be counted towards a state's population?
a) They did not count as they were considered property.
b) A whole person
c) 1/2 of a person
d) 3/5ths of a person

Which accurately reflects SC during the American Revolution?
a) The Lowcountry were mainly Loyalists while the backcountry were mainly Patriots.
b) The Lowcountry were mainly Patriots while the backcountry were mainly Loyalists.
c) The Lowcountry and backcountry were united as Patriots.
d) The Lowcountry and backcountry were united as Loyalists.

What event did France ask for a bribe from America in exchange for peace?
a) Treaty of Paris
b) X, Y, Z Affair
c) Nullification Crisis
d) Treaty of Versailles

What prevented Americans from trading with France and Great Britain?
a) Alien and Sedition Act
b) Sugar Act
c) Tea Act
d) Embargo Act

What is the term that means the federal system divides governmental powers between national and state governments?
a) Separation of Powers
b) Federalism
c) Popular Sovereignty
d) Checks and Balances

Name the plan that helped create the House of Representatives in Congress.
a) Congressional Plan
b) House of Representative Plan
c) New Jersey Plan
d) Virginia Plan

Name the plan that was used to help create the Senate in Congress.
a) South Carolina Plan
b) Senatorial Plan
c) New Jersey Plan
d) Virginia Plan

Which group supported the Constitution and a strong central government?
a) Federalists
b) Anti-Federalists
c) Loyalists
d) Democratic - Republicans

Name the compromise that stated the federal government would not tax exports or attempt to regulate slave trade for at least 20 years?
a) Great Compromise
b) Slave Trade Compromise
c) Connecticut Compromise
d) Commerce Compromise

What term means redistributing power?
a) Abolitionist
b) Reapportionment
c) Ratify
d) Popular sovereignty

Why did the Lowcountry fear giving the Upcounty more representation?
a) Feared the Upcountry would want to return to British rule.
b) Feared the Upcountry would overthrow the Lowcountry's power.
c) Feared the Upcountry was against slavery.
d) Feared the Upcountry would tax the Lowcountry more.

What was America's first attempt at government called?
a) General Committee of 99
b) U.S. Constitution
c) Declaration of Independence
d) Articles of Confederation

What was the name of a backcountry rebellion that occurred in Massachusetts?
a) Regulator Movement
b) Shays Rebellion
c) Stono Rebellion
d) Backcountry Rebellion

What is the term that means people have the right to vote on certain issues, such as slavery in the Kansas and Nebraska territory?
a) Separation of powers
b) Disenfranchise
c) Popular sovereignty
d) Representative democracy

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