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Why was Communism seen as a threat?
a) It would oppose our democratic views and lifestyle
b) People were protesting for a change in government in the United States after WWII.
c) It would make overseas allies very rich.
d) It would aid our democratic views and lifestyle

What two countries was the Cold War between?
a) Vietnam and Korea
b) US and Germany
c) Soviet Union and China
d) US and Soviet Union

What alliance did the United States side with during the Cold War?
a) Warsaw Pact
c) Berlin Wall

What alliance did the Soviet Union ally with?
a) Warsaw Pact
d) Armistace

What is the policy of maintaining the spread of communism?
a) Marshall Plan
b) Brinkmanship
c) Containment
d) Domino Theory

What is the idea that if one country falls to communism neighboring countries will fall?
a) Domino Theory
b) Containment
c) Brinkmanship
d) Alliance

Brink of War refers to what?
a) Brinkmanship
b) Containment
c) Alliance

The 38th parrallel divides which country as a result of a cease fire agreenment during the Cold War?
a) Korea
b) Vietnam
c) Germany
d) Soviet Union

Which ammendment lowered the voting age to 18?
a) 26th
b) 25th
c) 24th
d) 23rd

Americans were extremely afraid of communist spies, nuclear war, and the spread of communism. This was called?
a) The Red Scare
b) The Blue Scare
c) Fallout
d) Communism Scare

Which of the following was not an effect of McCarthyism?
a) Innocent people were accused of being communist which led to firings
b) People lost confidence in government
c) People questioned whether we could preserve the liberties we were fighting for
d) People were proud of America and their resilience against the communist threat

The spy satellite that proved America was spying on Russia was called?
a) U-2
b) Corona
c) Berlin
d) Beep Beep

This event almost led Russia and America to the brink of war?
a) Korean War
b) Vietnam War
c) Cuban Missile Crisis
d) Bay of Pigs

The competition between the Soviet Union and America to be the first in space was called?
a) Cuban Missile Crisis
b) Space Race
c) Bay of Pigs
d) McCarthyism

All of the following were characteristics of East Berlin except?
a) Hungry
b) Prosperous
c) Depressed
d) Disenfranchised

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