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Homo sapiens in Africa, between 100,000 and 400,000 years ago -
a) lived in semi-permanent settlements.
b) had an organized government.
c) had complex tools.
d) were nomadic.

Neolithic societies -
a) were Hunter-gatherers
b) relocated frequently in search of food.
c) were nomadic
d) were also referred to as New Stone Age societies.

The geographic location of hunter-gatherers occurred because of
a) food sources.
b) religious practices
c) tool making.
d) government regulations.

What important advance of Paleolithic man would allow man to make more complex tools, eat cooked meat, and have better technoglogy?
a) Developed hieroglyphics
b) Learned how to make and use fire
c) Developed weaving
d) Learned how to make and use pottery

Scientists who study past cultures by analyzing human remains, fossils, and artifacts are called
a) geologists.
b) archaeologists.
c) psychologists.
d) entomologists.

An example of a site in England that was begun during the Neolithic Age and completed during the Bronze Age is
a) Mesopotamia.
b) the Ganges.
c) Stonehenge.
d) the Taj Mahal.

Which of the statements BEST characterizes Neolithic man?
a) The major social organization was the clan.
b) They migrated in search of food, water, and shelter.
c) They invented the first tools including simple weapons
d) Technological and social advances gave rise to stable communities.

Examples of early cities in the Fertile Crescent studied by archeologists are
a) Aleppo and Jericho.
b) Cairo and Alexandria.
c) Jerusalem and Rome.
d) Athens and Sparta.

Home Sapians emerged in Africa between
a) 1 -2 million years ago
b) 1,000 and 4,000 years agi
c) 10 and 100 years ago
d) 100,000 and 400,000 years ago

Paleolithic means
a) new stone age
b) old stone age
c) eating lithium
d) eating a paleo diet

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