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Which evidence supports the idea that Earth's surface has changed over time?
a) Fossils of rainforest plants in areas that are now deserts
b) Rocks and fossils that came from outer space
c) Modern plants and animals that look like ancient organisms
d) Climates in some places on Earth that are different than other places

Which event would mostly likely produce igneous rocks?
a) Deposition
b) Earthquake
c) Flood
d) Volcano

Minerals that break along smooth, flat surfaces have
a) Cleavage
b) Hardness
c) Fracture
d) Metallic luster

A rock has 3 minerals, quartz with a hardness of 7, feldspar with a hardness of 4 and biotite with a hardness of 2.5. What is true about the hardness of rock?
a) The hardness is 13.5 because that is the total hardness of the rock
b) The hardness is 4.4 because that is the average of the hardness of the minerals in the rock
c) The hardness of the rock varies because each of the minerals has a different hardness
d) The hardness is 2.5 because that is the hardness of the softest mineral

Which of the following tests would help you find out if a diamond in a ring was a real diamond or a fake?
a) Scratch it across a glass
b) Look closely at the crystal
c) Feel it with your fingers
d) Wear it and see how long it lasts

Which shows how knowing about minerals has affected human life?
a) Finding meteorites on ice flows in Antarctica
b) Using wool to make warm sweaters
c) Recycling plastics to make gym floors
d) Using quartz in time-keeping instruments

If you found an igneous rock with large crystals,what would the crystals tell you about how that rock was formed?
a) Cooled quickly above the surface
b) Cooled quickly below the surface
c) Cooled slowly above the surface
d) Cooled slowly below the surface

Igneous rock was imbedded in sedimentary rock, which also contained a fossil fish. The age of the rock is 350 million years old. If a fossil starfish were also found in the same layer of sedimentary rock, it would suggest that
a) The fish and the starfish were alive at about the same time
b) The starfish and the fish were closely related
c) The method used to determine the age of the fish were inaccurate
d) There had been no change in that area since the fossils were deposited

A sedimentary rock made up of rounded fragments of other rocks is called
a) Shale
b) Sandstone
c) Conglomerate
d) Breecia

The texture of a metamorphic rock that has grains arranged in parallel layers is described as
a) Foliated
b) Jagged grained
c) Coarse grained
d) Nonfoliated

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