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The transfer of energy that to an object by a force that makes an object move in the direction of the force
a) force
b) power
c) work
d) gravity

To calculate work you must know what two things?
a) force and power
b) force and distance
c) work and distance
d) gravity and force

The weight of any object is due to the downward force of what on the object
a) gravity
b) force
c) work
d) power

Distance is measured in
a) inches
b) feet
c) Newtons
d) meters

Force is measured in
a) joules
b) Newtons
c) meters
d) watts

This is the rate at which work is done
a) work
b) energy
c) power
d) watt

In a power equation, power is measured in what?
a) Watt
b) joules
c) Newtons
d) Newton-Meter

A newton-meter is also called this, the unit of work
a) joule
b) watt
c) meter
d) Newton

Power is determined by dividing the work done by the amount of _____ needed to do the work
a) distance
b) power
c) work
d) time

In the power equation, time is in what unit?
a) minutes
b) hours
c) seconds
d) watts

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