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A popular device in the 1990s was
a) the Walkman
b) Gameboy
c) Kimi's playpen
d) Wii

George H.W. Bush broke his promise about
a) war
b) gays in the military
c) an invention of Stu's
d) not raising taxes

This nation reunited in the 1990s
a) Yugoslavia
b) the Soviet Union
c) Rugrats Preschool
d) Germany

President Clinton was
a) given a Noble Peace Prize
b) the first President to travel to space
c) impeached
d) featured in Bubblerama 3000

A popular television show in the 1990s was
a) Full House
b) Avatar
c) Rugrats: All Growed Up
d) Andy Griffith Show

Bill Clinton was elected President in
a) 1988
b) 1990
c) 1992
d) an election hosted by Lulu Pickles

The Rodney King incident in Los Angeles resulted in mass riots to protest
a) about invasion of privacy
b) the not guilty verdict of the police officers involved
c) over the extreme poverty of minorities
d) the discontinuation of Rugrats

Two important objects in the space program from the 1990s were the
a) first space shuttle and Apollo 17
b) Hubble telescope and the International Space Station
c) Mars Rover and the International Space Station
d) Bee and Mister Friend

OJ Simpson was on trial for the murder of his ex-wife and her friend and was found
a) guilty
b) not guilty
c) incapable of standing trial
d) listening to Kira Wantabe-Finster

A popular musician of the 1990s was
a) Eminem
b) Beyonce
c) Bob Dylan
d) Lou Pickles

Taxes were increased in the 1990s for
a) the lowest 10%
b) the middle class
c) friends of Chas Finster
d) wealthier people

President Clinton was a popular president
a) true
b) false

A major step in technology was the
a) multifunctions' glasses
b) 3-D printer
c) internet
d) Google Glass

Popular music included
a) Hip Hop
b) Rap
c) Both of these
d) None of these

A poison gas attack occurred in Japan in their
a) coastal areas
b) subway system
c) computers
d) bonko-matic baby bumper

Computers in the 1990s were
a) room size
b) larger than today--especially the monitor which was very deep
c) able to process at the speed of light
d) characters that hung out with Angelica

The economy in the 1990s was boosted by a(n)
a) world wide recession
b) demand for food
c) an invention by Stu
d) budget surplus

An important advance in technology were cell phones that
a) could be hand-held
b) were designer colors
c) had a touch screen
d) used a Rugrats translator

A clothing style that was popular in the 1990s was Grunge which included
a) multiple piercings and studded collars
b) dark colors
c) big hair
d) diapers

A common accessory in clothing was the
a) tie
b) scarf
c) glasses
d) baseball cap

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