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Who would be fined according to the new EU rule?
a) The underage users
b) The social networking organisations
c) The parents of the underage users

What is one of the main concerns with having a 'digital age of consent'?
a) Whether it could be enforced and policed successfully or not.
b) Whether the governments would have enough money to do so or not.
c) Whether it would stop people from using the internet or not.

Mark Zuckerberg supports the raised 'digital age of consent' and wants to increase Facebook's minimum age to 16.
a) True
b) False

Why was the Data Protection Directive updated?
a) Due to concerns about the law soon expiring and the amount of money that would be lost.
b) Due to concerns about the growth of social networking sites and digital advertisements and how data rules applied to them.

Why did Facebook drop its minimum age to 13?
a) To reduce the amount of users using the social networking site.
b) To increase the amount of users using the social networking site.

Would there be confusion due to the way internet functions across borders?
a) No, no confusion would be caused as all of the member state governments would have the same 'digital age of consent'.
b) Yes, member state governments who 'opt out' would have a differing 'digital age of consent', causing confusion.

How will the raised 'digital age of consent' affect the owners of social networking organisations?
a) They will have great difficulty trying to comply with the data protection laws.
b) They will have a lot more users than they did before.
c) They will easily be able to comply with the data protection laws.

Which style of writing is the text written in?
a) Report
b) Essay
c) Article
d) Story

What stance does the article take?
a) Neutral
b) Biased

What is the author's opinion on the 'digital age of consent'?
a) That it is the governments responsibility to police and they will be able to do so effectively.
b) That it will be too difficult for the government to police. Educating teens and children and parental guidance is needed.

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