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What did Greg want to leave on K2?
a) his sister's necklace
b) his mother's ring
c) his sister's letter to the children of Pakistan
d) his watch

What happened to Greg as he tried to reach the summit?
a) He became lost and ill
b) He was frightened and changed his mind
c) He reached the top and left his treasures there
d) He failed and went home

What caused Greg and Darsney to become tired before they could reach the summit?
a) They helped to rescue another member of their team, Etienne Fine.
b) They had not packed enough supplies .
c) They spilled their water and had nothing to drink.
d) They had not taken care of themselves and they were in poor physical condition.

What was the best thing Greg had to offer the people of Korphe?
a) his medical knowledge
b) his camping stove
c) warm clothes
d) food supplies

What did Greg's girfriend do when he was late returning home?
a) She left him.
b) She called the police.
c) She got on a plane and joined him
d) She called him.

What does CAI stand for?
a) Central Asia Institute
b) Careers At Iraq
c) Central Agency of Intelligence
d) Caifornia Aeronautics International

What game did Greg watch when he was kidnapped?
a) soccer
b) football
c) basketball
d) baseball

What happened when Greg first returned with the money to build a school?
a) He found out they needed a bridge.
b) He lost the money
c) He was robbed
d) He didn't have enough money

What ransom was paid to build the bridge?
a) yaks
b) horses
c) camels
d) dogs

What children's organization did Greg start?
a) Pennies for Peace
b) March of Dimes
c) Pennies for Patients
d) Children's Choir

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