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The bombing at the Alfred P. Murrah Federal building killed 168 including many
a) military personnel
b) children
c) of Stu's inventions
d) diplomats

The people responsible for the bombing of the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building were
a) Ramzi Yousef and Mahmud Abouhalima
b) Saddam Hussein and Osama bin Laden
c) Phil and Lil
d) Timothy McVeigh and Terry Nichols

In 1995, the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was bombed in
a) New York
b) Tommy's house
c) Washington, DC
d) Oklahoma

The World Trade Center was bombed by a(n)
a) series of airplanes
b) truck bomb
c) nuclear bomb
d) a conspiracy involving Spike

The World Trade Center was damaged by a bomb in
a) 1993
b) 1995
c) 1997
d) Angelica's house

The World Trade Center bombing killed
a) over 3000
b) 168
c) 6
d) Boris and Minka

One of the areas the US sent troops to in the 1990s was
a) Germany
b) Vietnam
c) North Highland
d) Bosnia (former Yugoslavia)

Who won the 1992 Presidential election?
a) George W. Bush
b) Didi Pickles
c) Bill Clinton
d) George H. W. Bush

The military commander for the US in the Gulf War was
a) General Schwarzkopf
b) General Snowcroft
c) General James Baker
d) General Kimi

The leader of the opposition troops in the Gulf War was
a) Osama Bin Laden
b) Saddam Hussein
c) Ayatollah Khomeini
d) Stu

The United States was able to make use of weapons in the Gulf War that had been developed during
a) the recession
b) the Cold War
c) the Vietnam Conflict
d) Grandpa Lou's babysitting

The name given to the military operations of the Gulf War
a) Operation Overlord
b) Operation Enduring Freedom
c) Desert Storm
d) All Growed Up

The US wanted to capture this group in the Gulf War
a) Republican Guard
b) Freedom Fighters
d) Nicktoons

The Gulf War lasted
a) 4 years
b) 14 years
c) long enough for Phil and Lil to learn to speak English
d) less than 7 months

The United States was part of this group in the Gulf War
a) Axis
b) Rugrats
c) Coalition
d) Triple Alliance

One of the issues in the Gulf War was
a) democracy
b) whether or not people are allowed to eat earthworms
c) religion
d) oil

In the Persian Gulf War, the United States defended
a) Iran
b) Kuwait
c) Chuckie
d) Iraq

The economy in the 1990s was generally
a) very good
b) very slow
c) a disaster
d) based on earthworms

The President in 1990 was
a) Ronald Reagan
b) George H.W. Bush
c) Bill Clinton
d) Tommy Pickles

The reason found for bombing the Alfred P. Murrah Federal Building was that
a) the perpetrators were angry over the Gulf War
b) the perpetrators were experimenting and planning to use a bigger bomb on the Capitol Building
c) the people convicted of the bombing were upset over FBI actions towards survivalist groups
d) Phil and Lil thought they might get an unlimited supply of earthworms

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