USII Post War Unit 7 New Technology, People, Immigration Question Preview (ID: 31133)

New Technology, People, Immigration.[print questions]

A standoff in which USSR placed missiles in Cuba and the US blockaded Cuba.
a) 24th Amendment
b) Vietnam War
c) Cuban Revolution
d) Cuban Missile Crisis

What was the symbol of division in Europe that fell in 1989 signaling the end of communism?
a) Great Wall of China
b) Berlin Wall
c) Iron Curtain
d) Estonia

How did the Vietnam War end?
a) stalemate
b) ceasefire
c) Vietnam became a democracy
d) United States was invaded by North Vietnam and surrendered

Which Amendment outlawed the restriction of one’s right to vote based on poll taxes?
a) 1st Amendment
b) 24th Amendment
c) 30th Amendment
d) 2nd Amendment

A federal law prohibiting segregation in schools, public places, and places of employment.
a) Voting Rights Act
b) 24th Amendment
c) Plessey vs. Ferguson
d) Civil Rights Act

The fear of the U.S. that if one country in SE Asia fell to communism, the other SE Asian countries would fall to communism.
a) Knock down theory
b) Vietnam War
c) Asian conspiracy
d) Domino theory

Violent civil disorder resulting in violence, vandalism, looting and other crimes is
a) veto
b) riots
c) fun
d) pardon

After WWII, American immigration changed. Which two groups increased their numbers in the US?
a) Irish and Chinese
b) Hispanic and Asian
c) Native American and African American
d) LGBT and tea party members

Which one of the following is not a concern for the US after WWII?
a) Nazi aggression
b) Policies to protect the environment
c) Global climate change
d) Conservation of water and natural resources

Which of the following is not a foreign policy matter the US has had to deal with after WWII?
a) Increased terrorist activities
b) Conflicts in the Middle East
c) Japanese aggression in the Pacific
d) Changing relationships with nations

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