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The name of the system that controls what happens in the body and responds to external stimuli
a) nerve system
b) nervous system
c) neuron system
d) neuro system

The part of the brain that controls thinking, learning, planning, and the five senses.
a) spinal cord
b) medulla
c) cerebellum
d) cerebrum

The part of the brain that controls automatic body functions.
a) cerebrum
b) medulla
c) spinal cord
d) cerebellum

The part of the brain that controls automatic muscle movement and balance.
a) cerebellum
b) cerebrum
c) medulla
d) spinal cord

The bundle of nerves that transmits messages between the brain and body.
a) nerve
b) neurotransmitter
c) spinal cord
d) synapse

The main type of cell in the brain.
a) neuron
b) axon
c) dendrite
d) synapse

The part of a neuron that contains the nucleus and other organelles.
a) dendrite
b) neurotransmitter
c) axon
d) cell body

Chemical messages that transfer an electrical message from one neuron to another.
a) receptors
b) neurotransmitters
c) axons
d) dendrites

The part of the neuron that contains receptors.
a) dendrites
b) axon
c) cell body
d) sheath

The part of the neuron that releases neurotransmitters.
a) cell body
b) axon
c) dendrite
d) axon terminal

The gap between neurons.
a) dendrite
b) neurotransmitter
c) synapse
d) axon terminal

True or False? A specific neurotransmitter only fits with a specific type of receptor.
a) true
b) false

The brain and spinal cord make up this part of the nervous system:
a) nerves
b) peripheral nervous system
c) central nervous system
d) neurons

Which is the correct pathway a message travels through a neuron?
a) cell body, axon, dendrite
b) axon, cell body, dendrite
c) dendrite, cell body, axon
d) cell body, dendrite, axon

Which of the following is a correct analogy?
a) axons are like entry doors
b) dendrites are like exit doors
c) axons are like exit doors
d) dendrites are like entry and exit doors

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