General EOG Review 2016 Question Preview (ID: 31123)

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which best represents the flow of energy in am aquatic ecosystem?
a) algae - insect - fish - turtle sunlight
b) insect - algae - fish - turtle - sunlight
c) sunlight - insect - fish - turtle - sunlight
d) sunlight - algae - insect - fish - turtle

scientists have been able to cause some bacteria to produce insulin. In what field of science would these scientists most likely work
a) phisics
b) marine biology
c) genetic engenearing
d) biotechnology

Which of these would most likely happen to a species that is able to adapt to a changing environment?
a) the species would become extinct
b) the species would develop mutating cells
c) the species would develop resistance to disease.
d) the species would change the enviornment

Someone is planning to run a long race. Which would provide the highest amount of energy for the person?
a) vitamins
b) minerals
c) carbohydrates
d) protiens

If a company genetically modifies corn to produce an odor that repels insects, which best describes how the corn was modified?
a) by techniques used in biotechnology
b) by harvesting at different times
c) by chimeacal exposure
d) by crop rotation techneques

why are digestion and respiration important to the body?
a) d
b) d
c) s
d) s

a) xascda
b) ascas
c) sdc
d) zdsc

a) s
b) d
c) x
d) dx

a) xdsv
b) dsv
c) zxdc
d) dscv

a) s
b) s
c) s
d) s

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