Past Tense Verbs Question Preview (ID: 31116)

Students Show Their Knowledge Of Past Tense Verbs.[print questions]

The student _______ the answer yesterday.
a) knows
b) know
c) knew
d) known

Last night, we _______ for shoes
a) shopping
b) shopped
c) shopt
d) was shopping

This morning I _____ $5 to school for lunch
a) bought
b) brought
c) pay
d) bringed

She _____ very well in the play last week.
a) sang
b) sing
c) sings
d) singed

My brother _____ me with my homework last night.
a) helps
b) is helping
c) helped
d) help

Ms. Parr ______ us about past tense verbs last week.
a) teached
b) taught
c) was taught
d) is teaching

Yesterday, it ___ a lot!
a) rains
b) rain
c) rained
d) is raining

Munir ____ me how to play the game.
a) shows
b) showing
c) show
d) showed

When I was little, I ____ off of my bike.
a) fall
b) fell
c) falls
d) falled

My mother _____ us to school this morning.
a) drove
b) drived
c) drive
d) droved

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