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Who of the following was not a Roman?
a) Julius Caesar
b) Augustus
c) Scipio
d) Hannibal

Aquaducts were:
a) Mostly underground
b) Used to move sewage out of the city
c) Invented by the Greeks but perfected by the Romans
d) Unsuccessful

Arches are used to build all of the following except?
a) Ships
b) Vaults
c) Domes
d) Aquaducts

Which of the following is not true about gladiators?
a) They were free Romans who loved battle
b) They were slaves
c) They survied most fights
d) They fought at private parties

Who is the leader of the whole Roman Catholic Church?
a) The Pope
b) Bishop
c) Consul
d) Assembly

How many disciples did Jesus have?
a) 12
b) 4
c) 8
d) 10

Which of the following is not a legacy of Rome?
a) Judaism
b) Latin
c) Roads
d) Government

Which of the following did Constantine not do?
a) Divided the empire
b) Moved the capital
c) Legalized Christianity
d) Put Christian symbols on Roman money

What was created to ease tensions between the rich and the poor?
a) Twelve Tables
b) Aquaducts
c) Pax Romana
d) The Colosseum

When Augustus had the citizens of Rome counted it was called a:
a) Census
b) Consul
c) Mercenary
d) Carthage

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