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When a force (effort force) is applied over a distance..
a) Work
b) Force
c) Simple Machine
d) Complex Machine

Consists of two circular objects: a central shaft inserted through the middle of a wheel.
a) Pulley
b) Wheel and Axle
c) Inclined Plane
d) Screw

One inclined plane or two back-to-back inclined planes that can move. (knife blades or nails)
a) Screw
b) Wheel and Axle
c) Wedge
d) Fulcrum

A device that helps reduce the amount of force required to do work.
a) Fulcrum
b) Work
c) Effort Force
d) Simple Machine

Inclined planes that are wound around a post or cylinder.
a) Screw
b) Wheel and Axle
c) Pulley
d) Complex Machine

A grooved wheel with a rope running along the groove.
a) Wheel and Axle
b) Pulley
c) Screw
d) Inclined Plane

A rigid bar or board that is free to move around a fixed point called a fulcrum.
a) Pulley
b) Screw
c) Lever
d) Wheel and Axle

A sloping surface, like a ramp, that reduces the amount of force required to lift an object.
a) Inclined Plane
b) Screw
c) Wheel and Axle
d) Pulley

Also known as compound machines, consist of two or more simple machines.
a) Complex Machine
b) Big Machine
c) Simple Machine
d) Effort Force

The amount of energy put into work.
a) Input energy (effort)
b) Output energy
c) Attempt
d) Complex Machine

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