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After the passage of the Fugitive Slave Act, the book Uncle Tom's Cabin was released detailing the lives of slaves. Who wrote this book?
a) William Lloyd Garrison
b) Eliza Lucas Pinckney
c) Sarah Grimke
d) Harriet Beecher Stowe

During Reconstruction, who decided to split up the South into 5 military districts?
a) President Lincoln
b) President Johnson
c) The Radical Republicans
d) The Democrats

What impact did the 54th Massachusetts Unit have on SC during the Civil War?
a) They were instrumental in Sherman's March to the Sea.
b) They led the Union charge on Fort Wagner.
c) They freed the slaves after the Emancipation Proclamation.
d) They were able to take over Port Royal and used this place to launch attacks on Charleston.

How did John C. Calhoun show his displeasure with the protective tariffs?
a) He helped pass the Sedition Act, which repealed the tax.
b) He wrote the Southern Manisfesto.
c) He was outspoken about states rights and was voted governor.
d) He resigned as Vice President.

Who was a part of the Southern Literary Renaissance and wrote Porgy?
a) DuBose Heyward
b) Julia Peterkin
c) William H. Johnson
d) Langston Hughes

Who was an artist from SC that splashed their canvases with vibrant color that captured the dance halls, jazz bands and the emotions of the Harlem Renaissance?
a) DuBose Heyward
b) Julia Peterkin
c) William H. Johnson
d) Langston Hughes

Who was an African American educator, Civil Rights leader and a member of FDR's unofficial Black Cabinet?
a) Matthew Perry
b) Septima Poinsette Clark
c) Mary McLeod Bethune
d) Modjeska Simkins

Who was the first graduate of the new law school at SC State to pass the bar exam, became a civil rights lawyer and then served as SC's first African American federal judge?
a) Mary McLeod Bethune
b) Septima Poinsette Clark
c) Modjeska Simkins
d) Matthew Perry

Who trained bomber pilots in SC that eventually launched air attacks on Tokyo during World War II?
a) James Brown
b) James Doolittle
c) James Tuskegee
d) James Byrnes

How are John Brown and the Grimke sisters similar?
a) All played an active role in the Civil Rights Movement.
b) All wanted SC to secede from the Union after the election of Abraham Lincoln.
c) All were outspoken abolitionists.
d) All were outspoken about their beliefs in states rights.

Who was elected Governor of SC with the support of small farmers and blaming Conservatives for their problems?
a) Ben Tillman
b) Strom Thurmond
c) John C. Calhoun
d) James Byrnes

Who helped get the New Deal passed through Congress and helped guide the Lend Lease Plan?
a) Franklin D. Roosevelt
b) Strom Thurmond
c) James Byrnes
d) Matthew Perry

How were William Harden, Andrew Pickens, Francis Marion, and Thomas Sumter all related?
a) They were leaders during the Civil Rights Movement.
b) They signed the U.S. Constitution.
c) They signed the Declaration of Independence.
d) They were Partisan leaders during the American Revolution.

The people who favored passing the U.S. Constitution were known as
a) Anti-federalists
b) Federalists
c) Abolitionists
d) Democratic-Republicans

Who was a long standing senator in SC that joined the Dixiecrat party, wrote the Southern Manifesto and eventually switched to the Republican Party?
a) John C. Calhoun
b) James Byrnes
c) Strom Thurmond
d) Ben Tillman

Who tried to lead an unsuccessful slave revolt in Charleston after buying his own freedom from slavery?
a) Denmark Vesey
b) Robert Smalls
c) Nat Turner
d) John Brown

Who led the Union army through the South and SC, using the method of total war to force the South to surrender during the Civil War?
a) Wade Hampton III
b) John Brown
c) Denmark Vesey
d) William Sherman

How were Arthur Middleton, Thomas Lynch Jr., Thomas Heyward Jr. and Edward Rutledge all related?
a) They were members of the Articles of Confederation.
b) They signed the U.S. Constitution.
c) They signed the Declaration of Independence.
d) They were Partisan leaders during the American Revolution.

Which crop did Eliza Lucas Pinckney make extremely valuable to S.C.?
a) Naval stores
b) Rice
c) Cotton
d) Indigo

Who was elected as S.C.'s governor, which ended Reconstruction because he redeemed the government from the Republican party?
a) Ben Tillman
b) Wade Hampton III
c) Strom Thurmond
d) John C. Calhoun

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