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Mr. Darling spent $74.75 on Skittles. If he bought 25 bags, how much did each bag cost?
a) $2.39
b) $2.59
c) $2.79
d) $2.99

Find the quotient of 75.42 and 2?
a) 3.771
b) 37.71
c) 377.1
d) 3,771

Mrs. Barten bought a pack of tennis balls for her dogs. The pack was $5.97 and contained 3 tennis balls. What was the cost per tennis ball?
a) $1.79
b) $1.89
c) $1.99
d) $2.09

What is the product of 62.98 and 3.4?
a) 2.14132
b) 21.4132
c) 214.132
d) 2,141.32

What is the value of 6.72 x 2.1?
a) 1,411.2
b) 114.12
c) 14.112
d) 1.4112

Sammy had 95 inches of ribbon. He made 4 bracelets with it. How much ribbon is in each bracelet?
a) 23.75 inches
b) 24.75 inches
c) 25.75 inches
d) 26.75 inches

6.8 x 2.3 = ?
a) 1.564
b) 15.64
c) 156.4
d) 1,564

Jamie bought 3 pounds of cashews for $6.87. What was the cost per pound?
a) $2.47
b) $1.84
c) $2.29
d) $1.26

A ferris wheel holds 36 people per ride. If 242 people want to ride it, how many times will the ferris wheel need to run?
a) 5 times
b) 6 times
c) 6.72 times
d) 7 times

Ben bought two T-shirts for a total of $29.28. If both shirts cost the same amount, what was the price for one shirt?
a) $14.34
b) $14.44
c) $14.54
d) $14.64

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