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To AVOID getting hurt you might
a) wear knee pads and a helmet when you ride your bike.
b) ride three people on your bike.
c) ride in between cars in a parking lot.
d) ride as fast as you can down a hill.

The children were HONORED when they showed good citizenship.
a) given an award
b) lost their recess
c) got a zero on a test
d) went to the bus after school

If you have a DELIGHTFUL time you might fee
a) joyful and happy.
b) sad and hungry.
c) cold and tired.
d) lonely and scared.

Grandma came for a BRIEF visit.
a) short time
b) long time
c) last summer
d) on Tuesday

Tom has a great ABILITY to draw pictures.
a) talent
b) fear
c) laziness
d) supplies

A child who is BASHFUL might
a) feel nervous when she meets people.
b) come right up and talk to strangers.
c) wave at all the people in the class.
d) give a speech in front of the whole school.

If your face is EXPOSED to the sun you might be
a) near a window.
b) in a closet.
c) under the bed.
d) in a room without windows.

When your teeth start to DECAY
a) it will probably hurt and you will need to go to the dentist.
b) it will get whiter and stronger.
c) the dentist will tell you that you are taking care of your teeth properly.
d) you should quit brushing them immediately.

A REMOTE park would have
a) very few visitors.
b) lots of cabins and stores for people to use.
c) neighbors all around it.
d) lots of people visiting it each day.

Which of these would be RARE to have at your house?
a) lots of pieces of real gold
b) bread for toast
c) a stove and pans
d) milk and cereal

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