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Sensors in fields are being used to chart
a) water and nutrients.
b) the ripeness of crops.
c) the presence of birds.
d) runoff from neighboring farms.

Preservatives are added to food in order to:
a) extend its shelf life.
b) use leftover chemicals
c) prevent insect infestations
d) create a uniform taste across different varieties of fruit

All the following are potential consequences of food being stored at the wrong temperature EXCEPT
a) food rotting.
b) people getting ill
c) increased pricing
d) harmful bacterial growing

Time management is as important as managing finances because
a) a lack of it is probably temporary
b) there is little to be done if it is being wasted.
c) professionals can be hired to manage it for businesses.
d) it needs to be spent in the ways that best benefit the business

All the following represent government agencies that help regulate the agriculture industry EXCEPT
a) EPA
b) FBI.
c) FDA

Ethylene is a hormone that controls which aspect of the development of produce?
a) Growth
b) Fertilization
c) Ripening
d) The number of seeds

Which of the following statements is true about the harvester stage of agricultural production?
a) Much of the labor is performed by migrant labor.
b) It can be done leisurely over several months.
c) It is the stage in which agricultural products are produced.
d) Overripe fruit is more valuable than fruit that is not quite ripe

Calcium in orange juice is an example of an
a) additive.
b) GMO.
c) microorganism.
d) preservative.

All the following would be part of the logistics of getting food from the farm to the store EXCEPT
a) getting fruit to a wholesaler while it is still fresh.
b) scheduling a grader to inspect the crops.
c) having trucks available at the right time for transport.
d) making sure that the most nutrient-rich fertilizer is used in the growing process.

Farmers can now track which aspect of a cow’s behavior for an indication of its health?
a) Hormones
b) Vitamins
c) Walking
d) Water intake

Transportation makes up which percentage of the overall cost of food?
a) 2.5%
b) 5.5%
c) 7.5%
d) 11.5%

Which of the following explains why consumers turned away from milk from cows that were given rBST?
a) It costs significantly more.
b) European studies have proven it is dangerous.
c) It has raised concerns about increased cancer rates.
d) It has been connected with excessive growth in people.

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