USI.7a Articles Of Confederation Question Preview (ID: 31093)

Articles Of Confederation.

What was the name of the first constitution of the United States?
a) The Articles of Confederation
b) The First Constitution
c) The Declaration of Independence
d) The Bill of Rights

The Northwest Ordinance ___.
a) Outlined the process for admitting a new state to the Union
b) created three separate branches of government
c) divided power between state and national governments
d) allowed slavery in all new territories

One outcome of the Articles of Confederation was the creation of the ___.
a) Northwest Ordinance
b) Northwest Initiative
c) Northeast Initiative
d) Northeast Ordinance

What was the only branch of government created under the Articles of Confederation?
a) legislative
b) executive
c) judicial
d) representative

The Articles of Confederation provided for no common _____.
a) currency
b) government
c) constitution
d) taxes

The Articles of Confederation gave each state one _____ regardless of size.
a) vote
b) chance
c) government
d) power

The Articles of Confederation gave Congress no power to ____.
a) tax
b) communicate with states
c) make treaties
d) declare war

What is commerce?
a) trade
b) currency
c) taxes
d) commercials

The Articles of Confederation gave Congress no power to ____.
a) regulate commerce among the states
b) pass laws
c) vote
d) regulate paperwork

One weakness of the Articles of Confederation was it provided for a ____ national government.
a) weak
b) strong
c) British
d) currency

What is a constitution?
a) a written plan of government
b) any document
c) an old letter
d) a plan of revolution

What was the purpose of the Articles of Confederation?
a) to establish the powers of the new national government
b) to give power back to Great Britain
c) to establish rules of conduct for soldiers
d) to overturn the Constitution

When was the Articles of Confederation written?
a) during the Revolutionary War
b) before the Revolutionary War
c) after the Revolutionary War
d) during the French Revolution

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