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During World War II - Winston Churchill, Joseph Stalin, and Franklin Roosevelt were —
a) communist leaders
b) Axis dictators
c) military commanders
d) Allied leaders

Which fascist dictator invaded Ethiopia before World War II?
a) Joseph Stalin
b) Francisco Franco
c) Benito Mussolini
d) Adolf Hitler

Which country invaded Manchuria and China in the 1930s?
a) Mongolia
b) Korea
c) India
d) Japan

At the end of World War 1, Germany had to pay reparations. What was the cause of this?
a) The Axis defeat in World War II
b) The Charter of the United Nations
c) The formation of the European Union
d) The Allied victory in World War I

What was the purpose of the mandate system?
a) It was intended to prepare territories for future independence.
b) It established permanent systems of government for the territories.
c) It weakened the economies of countries that were supporting the territories.
d) It was supposed to prepare territories for unification with the controlling country.

What were the contents of the Zimmermann telegram?
a) A German offer to Mexico to form an alliance against the United States
b) A United States proposal to supply arms so Mexico could fight Germany
c) A German offer to negotiate peace with the United States
d) A United States warning against German invasion of Great Britain

What was a cause of the Industrial Revolution in England?
a) Religious uniformity
b) Business regulation
c) Technological advances
d) Military alliances

During the 19th century, which change led to an increase in the use of child labor?
a) The creation of a public welfare system
b) The development of the factory system
c) The expansion of large cities
d) The rise of wages for skilled workers

What best defines the term ''creole''?
a) Immigrants to South America
b) People of European heritage born in South America
c) Immigrants from North America
d) People of European heritage born in Africa

Which of the following upset the German people, and was a cause of World War II?
a) Yalta Conference
b) Treaty of Versailles
c) Nuremberg Trials
d) creation of the Marshall Plan

Which factor had the most influence on the outbreak of World War II?
a) Fascism in Spain
b) Communism in the Soviet Union
c) Nationalism in China
d) Militarism in Germany

Which country disbanded its military and adopted a democratic constitution after World War 2?
a) Spain
b) France
c) Japan
d) Russia

The Marshall Plan took place during
a) the Boxer Rebellion
b) World War I
c) the Great Depression
d) World War II

The United States threatened to use nuclear weapons during the —
a) Iraqi invasion of Kuwait
b) Chinese Civil War
c) Soviet invasion of Afghanistan
d) Cuban Missile Crisis

What did Mikhail Gorbachev and Deng Xiaoping have in common?
a) Military expansion
b) Industrial buildup
c) New economic reform
d) Tight governmental control

The Island of Tawain, of the coast of China -
a) housed a British protectorate that was returned to Chinese control.
b) was a refuge for nationalists after a civil war in China.
c) housed a monastery for a powerful sect of Chinese monks.
d) was acquired from Japan after the Chinese-Japanese Wars.

The United States policy of containment began after -
a) World War I
b) World War II
c) Vietnam War
d) Persian Gulf War

Distrust and suspicion between the United States and the Soviet Union, along with different government and economic ideas, was a cause of
a) Western Imperialism
b) the Cold War
c) the Great Depression
d) World War II

Mohandas Gandhi was alive during which nation’s rule over India?
a) Soviet Union
b) France
c) Great Britain
d) China

Algeria gained independence from the French through -
a) democratic elections
b) violent conflict
c) foreign invasion
d) peaceful negotiations

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