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A new novel is selling for $21.95. If it is on sale at 20% off, find the amount of the discount.
a) 17.56
b) 4.39
c) 20.00
d) 26.34

The purchase price of a book is $35.85. The sales tax rate is 6.5%. How much is the sales tax to the nearest cent?
a) 2.33
b) 38.18
c) 33.52

The sales tax in Alex’s city is 7.33%. He bought a video game system for $299, and 2 games at $49 apiece. What was his total bill, to the nearest dollar?
a) 335
b) 426
c) 397
d) 468

A model car has a list price of $46.20. The model is on sale at 15% off. Find the sale price to the nearest cent.
a) 6.93
b) 53.13
c) 39.27
d) 693

Find the sales tax on a $130.00 jacket if the rate is 7.5%.
a) 9.75
b) 975.00
c) 97.50
d) 0.98

The sales tax in New Jersey is 6%. About how much will a $31 backpack cost, including sales tax?
a) 1.50
b) 33
c) 30
d) 38

In a department store, a $40 dress is marked, Save 25%.What is the sale price of the dress?
a) 30
b) 10
c) 50

If the sales tax rate is 7.25% in California, then how much would you pay for a pair of shoes that cost $139.00 if you have a 25% discount?
a) 104.25
b) 111.81
c) 10.08
d) 149.08

The price of a new car is $29,990. If the sales tax rate is 6.5%, then how much sales tax is being charged?
a) 1949.35
b) 31939.35
c) 28040.65

If your bill at a restaurant is $56.43 and you want to leave a 20% tip, how much tip should you leave?
a) 11.29
b) 67.72
c) 45.14

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