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What was the purpose of the Pan-African Movement?
a) to set up a homeland for the Jews
b) to take away the rights of African people
c) to set up a single African government over the whole continent
d) to develop unity among African peopl

Who was the African civil rights leader who was imprisoned for protesting Apartheid?
a) FW deKlerk
b) Nelson Mandela
c) John F Kennedy
d) Mohandas Gandhi

What event lead to South Sudan becoming it's own country?
a) Sudan's civil war
b) Apartheid
c) The Great Leap Forward
d) Pan African Movement

What problem happened in Nigeria after they got their independence
a) They were conquered by the Europeans again
b) They were invaded by Iraq
c) Apartheid
d) Conflict over unequal distribution of wealth and power

This country got their independence through mostly peaceful protests
a) Kenya
b) Nigeria
c) Egypt
d) Tunisia

The segregation of the races in South Africa
a) Colonialism
b) Nationalism
c) Imperialism
d) Apartheid

Who repealed Apartheid?
a) FW deKlerk
b) Nelson Mandela
c) the white minority
d) the English king

This country got their independence through violent protest
a) South Africa
b) Nigeria
c) Kenya
d) Egypt

Splitting up family groups was one problem with .....
a) Partitioning or artificial borders
b) Suffrage
c) Nationalism
d) Colonialism

Setting up colonies for wealth, power, and respect
a) Imperialism
b) Nationalism
c) Colonialism
d) Apartheid

What was significant about Mandela being elected President of South Africa?
a) He was the tallest president ever
b) He was a former slave
c) Frist black President of any country in the world
d) First black President of South Africa

A love and loyalty to your country
a) Imperialism
b) Nationalism
c) Colonialism
d) Apartheid

Why did Europeans become interested in Africa?
a) Oil
b) Climate
c) Slave trade
d) Help the people

Who was in charge when South Africa got its independence?
a) Nelson Mandela
b) FW deKlerk
c) the white minority
d) the African people

What was the result of the nationalist movement in many African countries?
a) Spread of AIDS/HIV
b) independence
c) Apartheid
d) Imperialsim

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