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Database object you can use to enter, edit, or display data from a table or query
a) Report
b) Table
c) Query
d) Form

useful when you want to filter on several fields in a form or if you are trying to find a specific record
a) form wizard
b) filter by form
c) common filters
d) filter

creates a form in Design View
a) Form Wizard
b) Blank Form
c) Form Design Button
d) form Tool

organizes data in a specific order
a) filter
b) sort
c) detail
d) theme

the section of the report that contains the body of the report
a) header
b) footer
c) report header
d) detail

the table or query that provides the data used to generate a report
a) report
b) record source
c) detail
d) find command

the way a report is displayed in Design View
a) form view
b) detail
c) field list pane
d) design grid

guides you through a series of questions and then generates a report based on your answers
a) Record Source
b) Lookup Wizard
c) Report Design
d) Report Wizard

a list of available fields for adding to a report
a) Record Source
b) Detail
c) Field List Pane
d) Filter

database object that is used to organize and display data from tables and queries
a) Report Wizard
b) Record Source
c) Form
d) Report

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