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When was Adolf Hitler born?
a) April 20, 1889
b) April 19, 1889
c) April 21, 1889
d) April 18, 1889

When did World War II start?
a) September 5, 1939
b) September 9, 1939
c) September 2, 1939
d) September 1, 1939

What was one of Hitler's greatest blunders?
a) Not storing enough food
b) Poorly deploying panzer's
c) Not storing enough water
d) Poorly deploying ships

About how many Jews did Hitler kill?
a) 2 mil
b) 8 mil
c) 3 mil
d) 6 mil

What was Hitler's military force called?
a) Tank men
b) Sub warriors
c) Nazis
d) Anti-Jew force

Where was hitler born
a) Belgium
b) Germany
c) Austria
d) Czechoslovakia

When was Pearl Harbor
a) December 7, 1939
b) December 7, 1940
c) December 7, 1942
d) December 7, 1941

Which country was the last to surrender in WWII
a) Germany
b) Japan
c) Italy
d) N/A

How did the war end?
a) Atom bomb (Atomic Bomb)
b) Overrun cities
c) Terrorists
d) Assassination

How did Hitler supposedly die?
a) Suicide
b) Electric chair
c) Murder in action
d) Assassination

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