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What two parts of the body undergo a early and rapid increase in weight?
a) Arms and Legs
b) Head and Ears
c) Head and Central Nervous System
d) Stomach and Central Nervous System

The process of neurons moving from the ______________ to other locations is called "Neuron Migration."
a) Tailbone
b) Neural Tube
c) Brain Stem
d) Steampunk mind :-)

Newborn babys initally...
a) Gain weight, and then continue to throughout their lives.
b) Gain weight through first year, then stop for the remainder of their lives.
c) Lose weight, and shrink into nothingness.
d) Lose weight, then gain weight rapidly throughout their first year of life.

The process that an infant gains motor control from head to foot is called...
a) Cephalocaudal development
b) Proximodistal development
c) Jimmy Neutron development
d) Child development

What two parts of the brain are fairly well established at birth?
a) Brainstem and cortex
b) Thinktank and midbrain
c) cortex and optical center
d) Brainstem and midbrain

Infants grow at a rapid rate...
a) Before birth
b) After birth
c) Before and after birth
d) During birth

Which of these is NOT a basic function that the brainstem or midbrain control?
a) Motor responses
b) Digestion
c) Reflexes
d) Elimination

At what age group is the brain at its most "plastic?"
a) 69-80
b) 26-49
c) 18-25
d) Infancy-3 years

Which process of neruon development occurs AFTER birth?
a) Profileration
b) Differentiation
c) Migration
d) All the Above (Maino ft. T-Pain, listen to it sometime)

Newborns double their weight within 5 months, and triple it in...
a) 10 months
b) 9 months
c) 15 months
d) 12 months

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