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A way to diagnose a fetus for trisomy 21.
a) analyze cells
b) analyze an ultrasound
c) analyze amniotic fluid
d) analyze amphibious fluid

Women can reduce the risk of a trisomy 21 baby by _____.
a) increasing the amount of vitamin C in their diet
b) increasing the amount of citric acid in their diet
c) increasing the amount of vitamin D in their diet
d) increasing the amount of folic acid in their diet

Trisomy 21 means
a) Human with 21 chromosomes
b) Human with three of the 21 chromosome
c) Human with 21 of the 3 chromsome
d) none of the above

If nondisjunction occurs during anaphase I,____ cells will have _____ and _____cells will have _____.
a) 2, extra chromosomes, 2, missing chromosomes
b) 2, normal number of chromosomes, 2, missing chromosomes
c) 1, extra chromosomes, 3, missing chromosomes
d) 3, extra chromosomes, 1, missing chromosomes

If nondisjunction occurs during meiosis, the daughter cells before meiosis II will result in ___.
a) Both cells will have a equal number of chromosomes
b) One daughter cell will have extra chromosomes and one daughter cell will have missing chromosomes
c) One daughter cell will have a normal number of chromosomes and one daughter cell will have missing chromosomes
d) None of the above

A healthy male will have a chromosomal number of ____.
a) 46 XY
b) 46 XX
c) 47 XY
d) 47 XX

A female that is diagnosed with trisomy 21 will have the chromosomal number of ___.
a) 46 XY
b) 46 XX
c) 47 XY
d) 47 XX

A pattern made of chromosomes based on their size and the genes that they carry.
a) genetic distribution
b) chromosomal spread
c) karaoke
d) karyotype

The scientific term for the genetic disorder down syndrome.
a) trisomy 13
b) trisomy 18
c) trisomy 21
d) trisomy 12

The term that describes a fault in the distribution of chromosomes during meiosis.
a) nonseparation
b) nondisjuction
c) nondistribution
d) nonmeiosis

The chances of a parent having a child born with trisomy 21 ____.
a) decreases as the parents age increases
b) increases as the parents age increase
c) is consistent with age and all parents have the same chances
d) none of the above

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