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Which statement explains the connection between deforestation and biodiversity?
a) Deforestation decreases the biodiversity in the planet.
b) Deforestation allows the biodiversity to reestablish itself.
c) Deforestation has no affect on biodiversity.
d) Deforestation creates a larger biodiversity.

The effects of natural selection depend on which of these attributes?
a) genetic characteristics
b) physical characteristics
c) dominant alleles
d) recessive alleles

According to evolutionists, which of these is MOST needed in order for some species to overcome the constant changes to our planet?
a) large biodiversity
b) healthy resources
c) unlimited space
d) healthy resources

Research shows that droughts in certain areas of Australia have been much worse since the vegetation in these regions was removed. Based on this research, which conclusion can be made concerning the role of producers in an ecosystem?
a) Producers help stabilize the climate changes in a region.
b) Producers provide oxygen for consumers in a region.
c) Producers help remove carbon dioxide from the atmosphere.
d) Producers provide shelter for consumers during climate changes.

Some heterotrophs, such as paramecia, engulf algae and consume the food produced by the algae. The algae benefits by using the carbon dioxide produced by the paramecia. What is this relationship an example of?
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Parasitism
d) Neutralism

Some plants provide a habitat for fungi in their roots. In turn, these fungi help the roots absorb inorganic elements from the soil. What is this relationship an example of?
a) Mutualism
b) Commensalism
c) Parasitism
d) Neutralism

How can the relationship between a butterfly and a flower lead to interdependency?
a) The benefits shared by both organisms may lead to specialized co-evolution.
b) The benefits shared by both organisms may lead to Hardy-Weinberg equilibrium.
c) The benefits gained by the butterfly may lead to convergent evolution in both organisms.
d) The benefits gained by the flower may lead to genetic equilibrium in both organisms.

According to scientists, which of these factors would be acted upon by natural selection?
a) alleles of a gene pool
b) behavior of an organism
c) genetic makeup of an organism
d) frequency of alleles

A species of mice that was once separated by a river has been reunited, centuries later, due to a newly constructed dam. How will these mice MOST LIKELY respond to being reunited after their prolonged geographic isolation?
a) They will reconnect as one population.
b) They will create a predator-prey hierarchy.
c) They will remain reproductively independent.
d) They will develop a new breed of hybrid species.

Assume that another ice age hit Earth. Which condition would MOST LIKELY ensure the greatest survival of organisms?
a) variety within species
b) stable mating rate
c) variety within kingdoms
d) stable birth rate

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