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What makes up most of the Southern Plateau
a) Deccan Plateau
b) Himalayas
c) Thar Desert
d) Monsoons

Tallest Mountain in India
a) Mt. Kanchenjuga
b) Mt. Everest
c) Mt. Gupta
d) Mt. Ghandi

What happened in 1947?
a) Pakistan was formed
b) Great Britain took over
c) India National Congress formed
d) Vasco da Gama arrived

Mos India people practice this religion
a) Islam
b) Christianity
c) Judaism
d) Hinduism

What animal is NOT in India
a) Tiger
b) Mudskipper
c) Cobra
d) Cheetah

During June to Sept., India experiences lots of
a) hurricanes
b) snowstorms
c) monsoons
d) drought

The major desert in India
a) Thar
b) Ganges
c) Deccan
d) Ghats

India's national sport is
a) Field Hockey
b) football
c) soccer
d) kite flying

What is Jute used for
a) making metal
b) food
c) twine
d) weapons

The most powerful Dynasty in India
a) Sepoy
b) Gupta
c) Delhi
d) Maurya

According to legend, where did tea leaves come from
a) Hummus
b) Juta
c) Eyelids
d) curry

The company the Indian people rebelled against
a) East India Trading Company
b) Gupta Co.
c) West India Trading Co.
d) Sepoy Co.

Which Systems did the Indus Valley Civilization NOT come up with
a) Weighing
b) Measuring
c) counting
d) Post Office

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