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How long do Killer Whales live?
a) 10 years
b) 50-80 years
c) 30-40 years
d) 10 years

How low does the Pelagic zone go?
a) 6.8 miles
b) 10 miles
c) 7 miles
d) 20 miles

Which of these are predators to the Pelagic zone?
a) Killer whale
b) Devil Fish
c) Sea Horse
d) Shark

How big does a Devil fish grow?
a) 5 Feet
b) 16 feet
c) 17 feet
d) 15 feet

Which zone gets the most sunlight for photosynthesis?
a) Mesopelagic
b) Epipelagic
c) Bathypelagic
d) Abyssopelagic

Which of these are a nutrient in the pelagic zone?
a) Oxgen
b) Nitrogen
c) Carbon Dioxide
d) H20

How much can an African manatee weigh?
a) 800-1200 pounds
b) 200 pounds
c) 3000 pounds
d) 600 pounds

What class is a pacific Sardine in ?
a) Agnatha
b) Chondricthyes
c) Clupeiformes
d) Osteichthyes

What part of the ocean in the Pelagic zone in?
a) Open ocean
b) Closed ocean
c) Low ocean
d) High Ocean

How much volume does the pelagic zone have?
a) 350,000 kilometers
b) 1,370,000,000 cubic kilometers
c) 40,000,000 kilometers
d) 15 meters

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