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There are many different flavors for chips, but perhaps the most unusual flavor is-
a) sea salt
b) barbeque
c) cheese
d) blueberry

An antonym for dissatisfied is-
a) satisfied
b) angry
c) disgusted
d) thankful

After the customer complained a second time, Crum felt-
a) angry
b) pleased
c) tired
d) excited

A synonym for well-known is -
a) popular
b) delicious
c) friendly
d) pleased

A synonym for not-on-purpose is-
a) purposefully
b) accidental
c) extreme
d) successful

The prefix in the word dissatisfied helps helps the reader understand the meaning-
a) not satisfied
b) one who is satisfied
c) able to be satisfied
d) satisfied before

The recipe says to get assistance which means-
a) help from an adult
b) different flavors from the store
c) more seasoning
d) extra chips for yourself

After step 5, the author included this information to-
a) show the reader that the flavor can be easily changed
b) explain to the reader why they should be required to eat potato chips
c) make more reading for you
d) inform the reader that an adult is needed

Which words from the story show that there were changes made to potato chips.
a) people wanted to buy them from restaurants
b) people began making and selling them
c) potato chips have an unusual history
d) new packages were made and different flavors started appearing

When Crum learned that the customers were pleased with his potato chips he most likely felt (notice the exclamation point)-
a) curious
b) thankful
c) surprised
d) bothered

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