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The environment is....
a) a desert
b) rainy and covered in trees
c) ice fields
d) no where that people should live

The Southwest natives made _________
a) totem poles
b) colorful rugs and clothing
c) cookies and cakes
d) cards

They were located in the __________.
a) forests of Mesoamerica
b) bottom right corner of the USA
c) bottom left corner of the USA
d) southern cities of Mexico

Their houses are made from ___________
a) adobe
b) trees
c) mud
d) cloth

They build apartments called ____________
a) pueblos
b) pot holes
c) mesas
d) plateau

A ____________ is a mountain with a flat top
a) plateau
b) palate
c) plate
d) palace

The climate is ___________ during the day and ________ at night.
a) hot, cold
b) cold, hot
c) warm, chilly
d) mild, mild

Houses made of trees could be built here.
a) false
b) true

They were skilled weavers, potters, and jewelry makers.
a) true
b) false

They raised crops like corn, beans, squash and ____________.
a) cotton
b) apples
c) pumpkins
d) wheat

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