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Although the Punic Wars expanded Rome's power and territory, one cost of victory was
a) Romans became slaves in conquered lands.
b) civil war between returning soldiers and farmers.
c) huge losses in population and property.
d) civil war between farmers and wealthy landowners.

The people who murdered Julius Caesar wanted to give power back to the Senate. Instead, their action began
a) a civil war.
b) an era of trade.
c) the Punic Wars.
d) Rome's expansion.

Carthage was located in
a) Spain.
b) Sicily.
c) Africa.
d) Syria.

During the Punic Wars in Rome’s second period of expansion, Rome’s main enemy was
a) mainland Greece.
b) a city-state in North Africa.
c) a nomadic tribe in Europe.
d) the Egyptian pharaoh.

Who was Hannibal and what did he accomplish in the Second Punic War?
a) He was a Roman general who defended Rome for 15 years.
b) He was a Carthaginian general who burned Rome to the ground.
c) He was a Roman general who burned Carthage to the ground.
d) He was a Carthaginian general who attacked Rome from the Alps.

What was the Praetorian?
a) the name of Rome's system of currency
b) a marble temple built to honor Augustus
c) a private army that protected Rome's emperor
d) the name of Rome's first library

How did the general Hannibal surprise the Romans?
a) He burned their city to the ground.
b) He crossed the Alps with elephants.
c) He attacked their ships in the harbor.
d) He hired spies to pretend to be citizens.

What was one cause of the end of the Roman Republic?
a) Rome built long roads.
b) Caesar defeated Pompey.
c) Spartacus freed the slaves.
d) Rome set up new colonies.

What was the immediate result of Julius Caesar's assassination?
a) Power returned to the Senate.
b) Cleopatra defeated Rome.
c) A private army ruled Rome.
d) A series of civil wars took place.

Rome gained this territory in North Africa, Spain, Macedonia, and Greece as a result of
a) the Punic Wars.
b) conquering the Gauls.
c) defeating the Greek navy.
d) victory over the Egyptians.

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