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Which of the following did Rome do during the first period of expansion, before 264 B.C.E.?
a) surrender to Etruscans
b) conquer most of Europe
c) expand into North Africa
d) take over the Italian peninsula

What event finally brought the Roman republic to an end?
a) Pompey became dictator.
b) Julius Caesar became dictator.
c) Rome burned to the ground.
d) Julius Caesar was assassinated.

How did Caesar Augustus provide for better defense of the Roman Empire?
a) He expanded its borders to natural boundaries like the Sahara.
b) He encouraged education, art, and literature.
c) He replaced brick buildings with marble.
d) He decreased the size of the empire by giving up territory.

Rome's wars with Carthage were known as the
a) Carthage Wars.
b) Punic Wars.
c) Mediterranean Wars.
d) Sea Wars.

How did the Praetorian Guard cause problems for the emperors?
a) Although they took part in parades, they had few military skills.
b) Although its members were farmers, they also liked to fight.
c) Although they were stationed in Spain, they sometimes marched into Italy.
d) Although their job was to protect the emperor, sometimes they plotted against him.

The Third Punic War resulted in
a) The destruction of Rome.
b) the destruction of Carthage
c) peace between Carthage and Rome.
d) Carthage winning control of the Mediterranean.

A city conquered by Rome might become a Roman ally. What was a disadvantage for the conquered city?
a) It had to pay Roman taxes.
b) Its citizens were taken to Rome.
c) Its people became Roman citizens.
d) It was allowed to trade with Rome.

Under Caesar Augustus, the Roman senate
a) shared power with the emperor.
b) had no real authority.
c) had complete control of Rome.
d) established the Praetorian.

Which issue first led to war between Rome and Carthage?
a) the ability to get wheat from Egypt
b) the right to start colonies in Spain
c) the use of chariots in warfare
d) control of trade in the Mediterranean

How did expansion make civil wars larger and more harmful?
a) Rome adopted other cultures.
b) New technology was invented.
c) Romans moved to distant lands.
d) Powerful generals led big armies.

What happened as Rome expanded into an empire?
a) Power moved from a single ruler to an elected republic.
b) Rome controlled all of Europe and Asia.
c) Rome won new territory only through peaceful means.
d) Rome fought wars to defend its growing territory.

What did Julius Caesar achieve as dictator?
a) He established new colonies.
b) He adopted a new calendar.
c) He put Romans to work.
d) all of these

How did the Romans build a strong navy?
a) They drew on ancient Latin traditions.
b) They copied ship designs from Carthage.
c) They were influenced by Etruscan culture.
d) They adopted ideas from Greek settlers in Italy.

During the 1st period of expansion who burned Rome to the ground?
a) Etruscans
b) Gauls
c) Franks
d) Samnites

How were plebeians affected by the 1st period of expansion?
a) they got the right to serve in the Senate
b) they served in the army, and had to go to war
c) they had to farm enough to feed the army
d) they had to stay home to take care of their families.

How did Octavian become Rome’s first emperor, Caesar Augustus?
a) He was crowned by Julius Caesar.
b) He was elected by the people.
c) He defeated his rivals in battle.
d) He married Cleopatra of Egypt.

How did taking prisoners as slaves lead to unemployment?
a) Roman citizens were not allowed to keep slaves.
b) People who supported slave revolts lost their jobs.
c) Landowners put slaves to work instead of paying free workers.
d) Soldiers who captured slaves were released from the army.

Civil war is
a) a war between two or more countries
b) a conflict that does not involved actual fighting.
c) a conflict between a weak country and a strong one.
d) a war between groups in the same country.

The first emperor of the Roman Empire was
a) Marc Antony.
b) Caesar Augustus.
c) Julius Caesar.
d) Hannibal.

What happened during the Pax Romana?
a) Romans suffered from constant invasions.
b) Rome went through a civil war for 200 years.
c) Rome fell after a three-year rebellion.
d) Rome was mostly at peace for 200 years.

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