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What is the name of the largest estuary in the contiguous United States?
a) Rappahannock River
b) Chesapeake Bay
c) Potomac River
d) York River

What separates watersheds?
a) ridgelines
b) areas of higher elevations
c) divides
d) all of the above

The health of an ecosystem is directly related to water ______________.
a) turbidity
b) tributaries
c) quality
d) geology

Wide, flat border areas onto which water spills out at times of high flow are called...
a) sediment soils
b) flood divides
c) flood plains
d) ridgelines

Which word means living?
a) abiotic
b) biotic
c) antibiotic
d) watershed

A(n) __________________ is made up of the biotic community and the nonliving factors that affect it.
a) river system
b) estuary
c) ecosystem
d) bay

T or F Wetlands provide food and shelter for wildlife and fish.
a) True
b) False

Which is not a water quality monitoring parameter?
a) habitat
b) salinity
c) turbidity
d) pH level

The Chesapeake Bay is a(n)...
a) pond
b) lake
c) river
d) estuary

What mixes fresh water and salt water in the Chesapeake Bay?
a) sediment
b) weathering
c) tides
d) sunlight

As water flow in rivers and streams decreases in speed, what happens to the size of sediment it carries?
a) decreases
b) increases

Which of these do the three major watershed systems in VA not lead to?
a) Chesapeake Bay
b) North Carolina Sounds
c) Mississippi River
d) Gulf of Mexico

Which of the following is an abiotic factor?
a) oak tree
b) sunlight
c) sunflower
d) grass

Which of the following is an abiotic (nonliving) factor?
a) plant
b) fox
c) squirrel
d) air quality

Which state is not included as part of the Chesapeake Bay watershed?
a) California
b) Maryland
c) Virginia
d) Pennsylvania

Which is not an example of a wetland?
a) bog
b) swamp
c) marsh
d) river

What forms the transition zone between dry land and bodies of water?
a) tributary
b) wetland
c) watershed
d) estuary

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