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A student wants to find the best conditions for growing pumpkins. The student conducts research and learns that pumpkins grow best in partial sunlight. What is the independent variable?
a) temperature
b) amount of sunlight
c) volume of pumpkin
d) mass of pumpkin

Which describes an element that is located along the zigzag line of the periodic table?
a) gas
b) solid
c) metalloid
d) metal

A student is investigating the properties of a piece of wood. Which of these actions would change the chemical properties of the wood?
a) cutting it
b) burning it
c) drawing on it
d) pushing it underwater to measure its volume

A student mixes two substances that undergo a chemical reaction. The reaction forms three products, each having a mass of 25 grams. What is the total mas of the reactants?
a) 125 grams
b) 75 grams
c) 50 grams
d) 25 grams

The law of superposition states that __________________________________.
a) younger layers of sedimentary rock lie beneath older layers
b) fossils form when sedimentary rock covers the remains of organisms
c) older layers of sedimentary rock lie beneath younger layers
d) sedimentary rock forms from the remains of living things

A + BC --- B+ AC What are the reactants in the chemical equation.
a) B
b) AC
c) B and AC
d) A and BC

A student wants to determine if an unknown metal contains iron. Which tool will best help the student determine this information?
a) balance
b) graduated cylinder
c) spring scale
d) magnet

Which of these BEST describes the movement of particles in a solid object?
a) They slide past each other while vibrating.
b) They move rapidly in all directions.
c) They move rapidly within their container.
d) They vibrate but do not move past each other.

What happens to the force of gravity between to objects if the distance between them increases?
a) The force of gravity increases.
b) The force of gravity decreases.
c) The pull of gravity stays the same.
d) The pull of gravity disappears.

In addition to distance, what factor determines the force of gravity between two objects?
a) the volume of each
b) the mass of each
c) the diameter of each
d) the chemical formula of each

What will happen if the north poles of two magnets are moved toward each other?
a) The poles will attract each other.
b) The poles will repel each other.
c) Nothing will happen.
d) Electricity will be produced.

Which of the following could be used as the core of a simple electromagnet?
a) pencil
b) drinking straw
c) iron nail
d) aluminum foil

Which group of nonmetals is the most reactive?
a) Group 1
b) Group 12
c) Group 17
d) Group 18

Which is the most abundant gas in the Earth's atmosphere?
a) Oxygen
b) Water Vapor
c) Nitrogen
d) Argon

What is the common outcome of all chemical changes?
a) The same number of compounds
b) New substances form from the same number of atoms
c) Fewer atoms
d) New substances with more atoms

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