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Mastering computer programs like Sway and Power Point in college is necessary so you can use them while you teach.
a) True
b) True, but new technology will change what we have today. teachers are always learners
c) False
d) False, learn todays technology, it will all change by the time you are teaching.

The best way to teach most content to students is through__________
a) Lecture
b) Hands on experiences
c) Technology assistance
d) Providing a variety of learning opportunities provides the greatest potential for growth

Technology should replace hands on experiences since it can bring learning to the students and costs less than labs, equipment and supplies
a) True
b) False

Digital native students are those that have been raised with technology all around them.
a) True
b) False

A ____ virus hides within or is designed to look like a legitimate program.
a) Trojan Horse
b) Boot sector
c) Macro
d) Data

A ____ is a program that is activated on a specific date
a) Logic Bomb
b) Time bomb
c) Trojan Horse
d) calendar virus

A ____ virus replaces the program that is used to start the computer system with a modified, infected version of the startup program.
a) Boot Sector
b) File
c) Trojan
d) Macro

A ____ virus inserts virus code into program files.
a) Boot Sector
b) File
c) Macro
d) Data

A computer security risk is defined as any event or action that could cause loss of, or damage to__________
a) Computer Equipment
b) Software
c) Data
d) All are correct

Technology challenges include:
a) Cost to students, schools and community
b) Teacher training on effective use
c) Reliable connections and system maintenance
d) all are correct

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