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In the Colombian exchange:
a) Cattle went to Europe.
b) Coal went to Europe.
c) Tobacco went to the Americas.
d) Horses went to the Americas.

The Catholic church was believed to have been corrupted by politics and wealth. Afterwards, this happened :
a) Priests gave up positions of leadership in their community
b) Nobles decided to abandon the beliefs of Christianity
c) Beliefs encouraging religious toleration became widely accepted
d) New religions that rejected the authority of the Pope were established.

During the 16th century, Europe gained access to knowledge about astronomy, medicine, and mathematics because of the —
a) exploration of Africa
b) spread of the manorial system
c) expansion of religion
d) growth of trade with Asia

Which explorer contributed to the establishment of Portuguese colonies in Africa and India?
a) Hernando Cortez
b) Ferdinand Magellan
c) Vasco da Gama
d) Francis Drake

China established foreign enclaves in order to —
a) improve education
b) centralize manufacturing
c) spread religion
d) control trade

Which idea is most associated with John Calvin?
a) Ultimate authority comes from the Bible.
b) People are equal before God.
c) Salvation depends on faith alone.
d) Fate is determined by predestination.

Humanistic studies focusing on classic Greek and Roman texts were of major importance during the —
a) Catholic Reformation
b) Italian Renaissance
c) Glorious Revolution
d) Industrial Revolution

Who is associated with the Northern Renaisance?
a) Leonardo da Vinci
b) William Shakespeare
c) Machiavelli
d) Michelangelo

Why do Mexico and Peru have primarily Catholic populations?
a) The Inquisition converted the Jews and Muslims of these areas.
b) Religion was spread in these areas by Spanish missionaries and colonists.
c) People who practiced traditional native religions migrated out of these areas.
d) The people in these areas were isolated from foreign influences.

''When we arrived in Kyoto, the king was though little of'' - this statement represents what aspect of Japanese society?
a) Weakness of the emperor
b) Power of the people
c) Decline of the class structures
d) Importance of the religious institutions

Which region was protected from outside influence by the Monroe Doctrine?
a) Americas
b) Asia
c) Africa
d) Australia

Peter the Great was a leader of Russia, and made many changes, such as:
a) Promotes Religious Tolerance
b) Encourages Socialism
c) Strengthens Parliamentary Authority
d) Supports Westernization

The ' western hemisphere' refers to the continents of:
a) Australia and Asia
b) North and South America
c) Europe and Africa
d) Middle East and Central Asia

''Revolutionary government owes to all good citizens the fullest protection the state can afford; to enemies of the people it owes nothing but death.'' --- What was the immediate cause of this philosophy?
a) An increase in taxes
b) A period of restored peace
c) An expansion of the justice system
d) A time of mass executions

Who became ruler of France as a result of the French Revolution?
a) Louis XVI
b) Henry IV
c) Napoleon Bonaparte
d) Marie Antoinette

Guiseppe Garibaldi is important because he -
a) convinced the Papal States to support independence for Italy
b) developed the Italian fascism adopted after World War I
c) conquered southern Italy to unite it with northern Italy
d) commanded the Italian forces during World War I

Industrialization helped lead to the European colonization of Africa by —
a) promoting the development of tourist markets
b) causing domestic governments to collapse
c) increasing competition for overseas markets
d) bringing the major powers into armed conflict

King Louis XIV of France required all nobles to spend part of each year living in the palace at Versailles to —
a) maintain control over the nobles
b) force the nobles to acquire educations
c) limit religious influences over the nobles
d) prevent the nobles from mistreating the peasants

Edward Jenner’s innovation helped to —
a) improve public health
b) enable mass production
c) increase energy output
d) allow faster transportation

What was the name of Istanbul before it was conquered by the Ottoman Turks?
a) Istanpoo
b) Baghdad
c) Constantinople
d) Rome

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